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Dry January

For moms already maxing out their health efforts, but still rewarding themselves with alcohol.  Discover how much alcohol has been holding you back. 

🙌🏼Lose Weight

🙌🏼Sleep great

🙌🏼 Reduce anxiety and depression

🙌🏼 Boost energy and motivation

🙌🏼 Reconnect with your authentic self


Give yourself the gift of perspective exploring 30 days alcohol free.  This course will introduce the NEW science of habit change, and change how you THINK and FEEL about alcohol so you can effortlessly leave it behind, optimize their health, and level up their life.

It all starts here. 

What you get: 

  • Exclusive access to my weekly support calls over zoom Fridays at 12:30 PST throughout January 

  • Lifetime access to coaching videos to engage and support you

  • Surprise Bonus Extras

  • Discounts on future coaching packages

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