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Here's What You Can Look Forward To

The benefits to giving up alcohol are endless but here are a few that you will notice right away.

Better Sleep

Alcohol disrupts our sleep so significantly that it can leave you chronically sleep deprived which effects every aspect of your health. When you stop drinking you will begin to get actual nourishing, restorative sleep that will translate into overall improved health.

Sleeping with Eye Mask

More Energy

When you're not in the recovery mode of a hangover, and you're finally sleeping well, you will have way more energy to exercise and do the things you love.

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Everyday Awe

Regular drinking can leave you with chronically low levels of dopamine and depression, creating a craving for the very substance that created the low!  It narrows your capacity to feel joy for anything other than the artificial high of the alcohol.   After some time alcohol free, your brain's reward pathways recalibrate and you begin to experience joy from the little things again.  Because you are no longer numbing your pain, you are also no longer numbing your joy, and as it returns you will access the AWE in everyday.

Image by Denys Nevozhai

Less Anxiety

Your brain responds to alcohol by releasing adrenaline and cortisol in an attempt to balance the depressant effects.  These stress hormones last longer than the alcohol in your system which is why you experience wake up anxiety at 3am or hangxiety the next day.  Once you remove alcohol, your brain isn't having to recalibrate all the time and you will feel like you finally got off the roller coaster.

Meditating at Home

Better Health

No surprise here! Everything improves both mentally and physically. Alcohol is a toxic substance and damages every system it comes in contact with.  When you stop drinking, you give your brain and body a chance to heal and perform the functions it was meant to rather than processing a toxic substance.

Happy Girl

Self Love

Goodbye shame, hello confidence! Living alcohol free is the best form of self care possible.  When you are taking care of yourself, no longer treating life's stressors with alcohol, you begin to reconnect with your authentic self. You can tune into your intuition and start to make choices to support your healing and growing journey.

Image by Jared Rice
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